Girls Next – FCC Mumbai

Girls Next #3: Lamya

Lamya is 30 years old – she was born in Bombay and lived part of her teenage years in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. She’s now back in the Maharashtra’s capital and says that “it will always be Bombay!”. Lamya studied Media and Communication with a major in Film Studies. She has managed and taught at.

Girls Next #2: Rittika

Moving from the country that eats waffles, drinks beer and revels in diamonds to a country which eats vada pao drinks sugarcane juice and is Bollywood crazy is quite a switch. She’s always been traditional at heart and progressive by mind. A passion? Solitaire diamonds: a space for creativity and an innovative channel. Rittika graduated.

Girls Next #1: Seema

To truly comprehend Seema’s world, we suggest you to listen to a few notes of her daily “bhajans” (religious songs devoted to the elephant-headed God Ganesha), close your eyes and imagine the constant heat, humidity and incessant noise of a city that never sleeps, whose density is more than 20,000 inhabitants per square kilometer. Then.