Engage by FCC with Seams For Dreams

The “Engage by FCC” program is about acting for association and NGOs we care about. Seams For Dreams is the first member of our “Engage by FCC” program in Mumbai.

SeamsForDreams is a charity foundation built by Evelyn Sharma, the Bollywood star. At SFD, they use the universal love for fashion to give back to humanity… And they have the mission to clothe 100,000 people across India. Opportunities like the collaboration with us allows the Seams For Dreams vision to be heard across multiple platforms and get more people involved in giving back in style!

With every piece of clothing you take off to donate, another person’s life changes by two fold! Clear your closet and take out all the clothes you haven’t worn in over 6 months, and bring them with you at our next event to free yourself from the heavy burdens of seams and exchange them for new dreams!



Seams For Dreams was the sole charity partner during our Opening event in June. They did a speech to introduce their NGO and they had a display booth featuring vintage dresses for sale and an area where the guests could drop off their donations.
More than 200 pieces of cloth have been collected on that day, thank you so much for your support!