Miss India loves the FCC

Kanishtha Dhankhar, former Miss India World, model and activist is a member of the FCC Mumbai. Let’s walk with her through the streets of Mumbai!

Kanishtha Dhankar

Former Miss India World Kanishtha Dhankhar is a dynamic personality. She loves to travel, lives her life through experience, is a yogi, an environmental activist and a believer in community. Here she shares some fun facts about herself with us. Her philosophy – Honesty!

Watch her be completely candid with our FCC Team in Mumbai, sharing facts many don’t know about her.

She’s currently working on a project with Tetra Pak to recycle empty cartons that are made into school desks for underprivileged schools, and she invites us all to be a part of it. For no small action ever goes to waste (she assures us).

Her views on the FCC?

She says: “Never have I met a team of women so passionate for the simple reason of bringing others together to share life stories so that we know and feel supported. A spirit of community that I feel and I see shining through them. And they do it so effortlessly and beautifully!”