Poorva Joshipura FCC Mumbai talk#4

We hope you left the session feeling both enlightened and enriched.

Poorva Joshipura from Peta during FCC talk#4

We’re extremely grateful to Poorva Joshipura for opening up to us about her experiences. Speciesism is a prejudice similar to racism and sexism, and it was eye-opening to discover how we have the power to spare animals excruciating pain by making better choices about the food we eat, the things we buy, and the activities we support.

We were touched by Poorva’s anecdotes, especially her encounter with rescued turkey Alice, and how sneaky chickens can be!

We’re feeling inspired by Poorva’s strength, tenacity and passion for her work, and curious to learn more about PETA philosophy, and how each of us can contribute to ending animal abuse by making smarter and kinder choices.

We loved The Little Door, Bandra ´s  gorgeous space. What a perfect spot to connect with other amazing women over drinks and delectable vegan bites!

We thank you  PETA for taking the time to enlighten us on your admirable philosophy, and for the giveaways for our guests. PETA are always looking for smart, passionate and hard-working people to support their drive to end animal suffering. Please do reach out to see how you can support them.

We are very grateful for Seams for Dream´s wholeheartedly support and their push towards sustainable fashion.

What’s next?

As always, we’re working hard to introduce you to more inspiring women. In the meanwhile, if you have any thoughts or comments, or would like more information on Poorva’s session, feel free to reach out to us!

Much love